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სამშენებლო ღირებულების საკონსულტაციო მომსახურება და აუდიტი

Prepare and review construction project proposal

We assist clients in preparing and reviewing construction project proposals. Our experts analyze the project requirements, specifications, and scope to provide accurate cost estimates and recommendations. We ensure that the proposal aligns with your budgetary constraints and project objectives

Our cost consultants have extensive experience in estimating construction costs. We provide detailed cost estimates for labor, materials, equipment, and other project expenses. Our team works closely with you to develop realistic budgets that align with your financial goals and project requirements.

We offer value engineering services to optimize project costs without compromising quality or functionality. Our consultants identify opportunities for cost savings, propose alternative materials or methods, and recommend value-enhancing solutions to maximize project value.

We help clients effectively manage project costs throughout the construction process. Our team implements robust cost control systems, tracks project expenditures, and provides regular cost reports to ensure that the project stays within budget. We identify cost overruns, analyze their causes, and suggest corrective measures.

We analyze and evaluate construction change orders to assess their impact on project costs and schedules. Our consultants review change order requests, negotiate fair pricing, and provide recommendations to minimize the financial impact of changes while maintaining project integrity.

We conduct cost benchmarking studies to compare your project costs against industry standards and best practices. This analysis provides valuable insights into cost competitiveness, identifies areas of improvement, and helps you make informed decisions to optimize project expenditures.

In the event of construction claims or disputes, our consultants provide expert analysis, quantification, and support. We assess claims for validity, analyze cost impacts, and provide expert opinions and documentation to facilitate fair and efficient resolution.

Conduct feasibility study, assessing if the project requirements can be achieved

We conduct a thorough assessment of your project requirements, objectives, and constraints. Our team evaluates factors such as site location, zoning regulations, environmental impact, infrastructure availability, and market demand to determine the feasibility of the project.

We analyze the estimated project costs and compare them with your budgetary constraints. Our experts review construction cost estimates, potential cost overruns, and identify any potential financial risks. We provide recommendations to ensure the project remains financially viable.

Our team assesses the technical aspects of the project, including design considerations, engineering requirements, and construction methodologies. We evaluate the feasibility of implementing the project within the specified timeframe and technical constraints.

We identify and analyze potential risks and challenges that may affect the project’s success. Our experts assess factors such as regulatory compliance, market competition, economic conditions, and project-specific risks. We provide risk mitigation strategies and contingency plans to address identified risks.

We conduct a comprehensive market analysis to assess the demand and potential for the project. Our team evaluates market trends, competition, target audience, and potential profitability. We provide insights and recommendations to help you understand the market dynamics and make informed decisions.

We engage with relevant stakeholders, including project owners, investors, regulatory authorities, and community members. Our team facilitates communication and gathers input to understand their expectations, concerns, and potential impacts on the project’s feasibility.

We provide a detailed feasibility study report summarizing our findings, analysis, and recommendations. Our report outlines the project’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, enabling you to make informed decisions about project feasibility and potential next steps.

Produce detailed cost plans and construction cost reports

We work closely with you to develop detailed cost plans for your construction projects. Our experts analyze project specifications, drawings, and scope to estimate costs accurately. We consider factors such as labor, materials, equipment, subcontractors, permits, and contingencies to provide a comprehensive cost breakdown.

Our team performs thorough quantity takeoffs, quantifying the required materials, labor hours, and equipment needed for the project. We ensure that all relevant quantities are accurately measured and accounted for in the cost plans.

Using industry-standard pricing data and our extensive experience, we estimate the costs associated with each element of the construction project. Our experts consider market rates, supplier quotes, historical data, and other relevant factors to provide reliable cost estimates.

We identify opportunities for value engineering, aiming to optimize project costs without compromising quality or functionality. Our team explores alternative materials, construction methods, and design modifications to achieve cost savings while meeting project requirements.

We prepare comprehensive construction cost reports to provide you with a clear understanding of project expenses. Our reports include detailed cost breakdowns, highlighting labor, materials, equipment, subcontractor costs, and other relevant expenditures. We present the information in a concise and organized manner to facilitate informed decision-making.

Throughout the construction process, we assist you in monitoring and controlling project costs. We track actual expenditures against the planned budget, identify any cost deviations, and provide regular updates on project cost status. This helps you stay informed and make necessary adjustments to ensure financial accountability.

We manage change orders effectively to accurately reflect cost changes during the construction project. Our team assesses the impact of change orders on project costs, prepares cost adjustments, and ensures proper documentation and communication to all relevant stakeholders.

Nino Gergedava

As the CEO of DAXIN Georgia, Nino Gergedava provides strong leadership and strategic direction for the company. With a deep understanding of the audit industry, Nino Gergedava sets the vision, guides the overall operations, and ensures the delivery of exceptional client services.